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  Under the Big Top

Let your guests know the circus is coming to town with personalized ticket-style invitations inviting them to share an afternoon of spectacle and surprise.

Beckoned by fluttering pennants, clusters of balloons and the sounds of calliope music, they'll be ready to run off and join the circus. Once inside, they'll be captivated by our large plush animals and "daring young clown on the flying trapeze."

The first stop is Clown Alley, where they'll design their own Funny Face clown balloons and receive their clown make-up. Then it's on to such games as the Ring of Fire, Flight of the Magic Feather and the Happy Feet Relay. And after Feeding the Elephant, it'll be time to pack the performers off to the Pie Car, where they'll feast on a spectacular four-tier Big Top cake.

Call or e-mail today to reserve your tickets for the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!


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