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  Down on the Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm, and so can you.

Send out our personalized Red Barn invitations, and your neighborhood farm hands will be excited enough to be up with the chickens on the big day. When they reach the North 40, they’ll be wowed by our welcoming scarecrow, friendly cow, bales of hay, feed sacks, milk pails and other trappings of life on the farm. Fiddle and banjo music in the background complete the transformation from backyard to barnyard. And the Planting Time arrival activity gives each guest his or her own bit of nature to nurture even after the party ends.

In addition to the Early Bird Egg Hunt and Little Red Wagon Hay Rides, special games for the barnyard bash include the Rise & Shine Relay, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo Crowing Contest and Till the Cows Come Home Balloon Round-up.

The young farmers will have quite an appetite after all those chores, so we’ll rustle up a Red Barn cake, and then send them home with their own pint-sized tin pail filled with such favors.

Call today and let us take over the chores!


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