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  As if by Magic

It's amazing! It's astounding! Watch us transform an ordinary birthday party into a magical gala before your very eyes.

We'll set the stage for magical memories with star-studded invitations, and turn your home into an enchanted land with dozens of silver stars, a magician’s trunk full of props and pearlized balloons in red, black and silver.

As the magicians-in-training arrive, they’ll have a chance to make their own brand of magic — magic wands, that is. Their apprenticeship will continue with such mesmerizing original games as the Disappearing Assistant, Mysterious Messages and Teleportation Relay. And when the final game produces a real magician for a 45-minute show, they'll be completely spellbound.

Heading to a table ornamented with such tricks of the trade as a top hat, silk scarves, a white dove, an ordinary deck of cards and — of course — a white rabbit, your mini-magicians will perform some magic of their own when they make the Star of the Show cake disappear. And each guest will return home with some special additions to his or her bag of tricks. 

It’s as easy as saying "Abracadabra!" Call us today and let us help you make magic this year.


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