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  It's a Mystery

Round up the usual suspects and get ready for a birthday celebration your super sleuth will always remember.

Primed by personalized ransom note-style invitations, your neighborhood detectives will arrive to find yellow crime scene tape and chalk outlines; low-lying fog and mysterious sound effects add to the sense of anticipation.

Once fingerprinted and photographed to produce their "credentials" in the party's arrival activity, your guests will be ready to apply themselves to such investigative challenges as Silent Witness, Cracking the Code and the Incognito Relay, before trying to crack our Kidnap Caper. These original games offer more than just terrific play value — they'll channel your guests' creative energies, test their problem-solving skills and build a real sense of camaraderie.

After a slice (or two) of the show-stealing Under the Magnifying Glass cake, send your investigators home with "TOP SECRET" goodie bags filled with tools of the trade — including personalized Private Eye business cards.

Call today and let's get cracking!


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