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  Sock Hop

Grab your poodle skirt and saddle shoes, your letter sweater and penny loafers, and cruise back in time for a celebration that's certain to make your Greatest Hits list.

Enticed by real 45 rpm record invitations bearing your child's own "record label," all the party dolls and dudes will be bopping to the coolest do-wop sounds as they revisit the Fabulous '50s in your own home. We'll master such dance steps as the Stroll, the Bunny Hop and the Hand Jive in the dance studio, and then move on to original games like Malt Shop Madness, the Splish-Splash relay and Remember Then.

With all that shakin' goin' on, the gang will be primed for a stop at the malt shop, where we’ll serve up our Record-Breaking cake. Then we'll send everyone back to the future with goodie bags full of '50s favorites.

Call today for a happy, happy birthday, baby!


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