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  Time Travel

Join us for an adventure that celebrates many of the greatest moments in history — with particular emphasis on the birthday of your favorite Time Traveler.

Beckoned by customized calendar-style invitations commemorating important milestones in your Traveler's birth month, guests will step through the time portal into another dimension.
If you like, this can be a great costume party, with guests encouraged to dress for their favorite period in the past, present or future.

Fron the Jurassic Period to the Final Frontier, your guests will explore the space-time continuum . . . twisting it, stretching it, slowing it down or speeding it up, and generally bending it to their purposes.

The Time Capsule arrival activity sets the stage, allowing each guest to contribute something of his or her own and providing a lasting keepsake for the birthday Traveler. Then, surrounded by vignettes representing diverse periods in the earth's history, the time travelers will quickly become engrossed in such original games as Tangled Timeline, Date Darts and Parallel Universe.

After a stop in deep space for our Hands of Time cake, they'll be ready to journey back to the present day, where their goodie bags await filled with souvenirs of their travels. The party package also includes a personalized Profile booklet in which the birthday Time Traveler can catalog his or her likes, dislikes, favorite memories and predictions for the future.

Let us be your guides for the ultimate Time Travel adventure.


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