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  Wild West Round-Up

Shine up your spurs and shake off that trail dust . . . it's time for a birthday round-up your young 'un won't forget.

No red-blooded ranch hand will be able to resist the invite for rodeo games and chuck-wagon grub. They'll know they've stepped back in time when they answer the call to find a "ranch" outfitted with all the trappin's — saddles, rope, hats and boots, bales of hay, longhorn skulls and more. And with such old-time favorites as "Home on the Range" and "The Red River Valley" in the background, the transformation will be complete.

As each hand arrives, he or she'll be set to work decorating brown-paper cowboy vests for the long, dusty trail ahead. With the pump primed, they'll be ready to test their mettle at a variety of themed games, including cattle brandin' and calf ropin', the Pony Express relay, a bean bag Shootin' Gallery and more.

When it's time to rustle up some grub, we'll head 'em up and move 'em out to the chuck wagon for a slice of our Cowboy Boot cake. Then we’ll celebrate the trail's end with tall tales and a Western sing-along.

When the last song is sung, send your ranch hands home with a burlap "feed sack" full of favors.

Send up a smoke signal to let us know how we can help you get this rootin' tootin' round-up off the ground!


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